Welcome to my website! I’m Asha Reeds. I adore rough and tough pirates and romanticizing the dark side. Ironically I’m here to spread a bit of light. That light being books.

Poems, short stories, and so much more…

Welcome to my website!

I’ll be posting poems and short stories. I may hold a poll here and there to see what catches my audiences’ eyes. Maybe even write with my audience, the Lord permit. 😀

What I Write:

General Fantasy

Religious Works





Writing Commission Information :

Commission Status as of now: Open.

My email to contact me about commissions :

Rates: 5 US Dollars a page, which is roughly 500 words. I have venmo and paypal.

Venmo: @PM_AR_Writing


Note: You MUST pay me before I will start to write your commission!

(Please specify how many pages you want. Limit is 10 at a time as of now.)

Wait times: Based on how many pages you want, it could take a week at max. If you order a significant amount of pages you must be willing to wait to get the best work. I will not be serving slop to you or any other customer! You deserve the best! So if you are impatient then please be mindful of how many pages you order. Thank you!

I am not comfortable writing NSFW, and will only write fluff/ 13 and up.

I can write for your characters in short story form or poetry form. Suggestive works are okay, but I stress no NSFW! Gore must be kept reasonable unless it’s horror.

I will not write illegal articles as follows. No fake medical notes, no fake school excuses, etc. Be smart when commissioning.

I WILL NOT complete homework assignments for you, only edit what you have written.

As the author for hire I have the rights to refuse any commission I feel uncomfortable writing.

Refund information: You can NOT get a refund after I have already finished and given you what you requested. That’s called scamming. You have 1 full day, 24 hours, to ask for a full refund for your request.